Friday’s Find – Break Out Your Pens!

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a hand written note! With all the technology and social media these days, we forget to take the extra minute to write our thanks/love/appreciation/sympathy on paper. I say we get back to hand writing notes and sending them the good ol’ snail-mail way! So I compiled a mix of notecards that are screaming for you to buy them, write a sweet message and slap on stamp on them!

ashley_brooke_designs_buttercupHey There Buttercup by Ashley Brooke Designs


Inspirational sayings in Chalkboard style – yes please!  From World Market


Because you ARE so freaking awesome!  From Design Darling


Gold!! Pink!! Glitter!!  From World Market

NC2901_2 Looking for something personalized?  Check out Erin Condren

thank-you-cards-set-of-sixFancy and crafty – a winning combo! From Crate & Barrel 

I am in LOVE with them all (with a personal favorite of “You are so freaking awesome!”)  I get so excited when I check the mail and amidst all the bills and solicitations there is a colorful envelope with a sweet note inside and I vow to be a better note writer in the future – who’s with me??

Have a fun weekend!


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Inspiration – Table Settings

Hello there! I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! Erin and I had two weddings, which means double the exhaustion! More importantly though, it meant double the fun, double the prettiness, and double the love. Great weekend for sure!

Setting up for two receptions this weekend inspired me to start thinking about the different ways to make a stunning tablescape and make your event unique.

Check out these gorgeous gold rimmed glasses and the colorful flowers!.


I love these takes on a traditional place setting. The gold gives the top setting an extra dose of prettiness. And who doesn’t love a good bow? What a fun way to present your napkin!


Sometimes you may want to have only the napkin on the table as your guests are seated. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep this from looking too plain!

How pretty is this envelope style napkin? Obviously in this photo they have placed the silverware, but you could always do a menu or even a flower!


This napkin ring is so lovely! I’m envisioning this look with a monogrammed napkin!


Subtle themes used throughout an event are always great! These little pig place cards are too adorable!


While these place settings are great for weddings, it’s also nice to do something special for a dinner party or bridal/baby shower! Hopefully these ideas will serve as inspiration for your next event!

Thanks for reading!


Friday’s Find – Find Out About Us & A Giveaway!

I am so glad it is Friday – the time has come where all the hard work comes together and The SS Wed Team heads out for our 2 weddings this weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday! This may come as a shock, but I LOVE Weddings!  They are the bread and butter of my company and each is so unique that I am just as (if not more) excited than the bride & groom! Can’t wait to share the loveliness with you all (follow me on Instagram and Facebook for sneak peeks)!

This week – I have decided to do something a little different for Friday’s Find – I want you guys to Find Out About The SS Wed Team and we want to find out about you – don’t forget to check the bottom for a GIVEAWAY!!

Erin Padgett – Owner & Event Designer

Simply Southern - 02

1. I have a love affair with the number 7 – hence why there will be 7 fun facts about everyone!

2. I tell everyone I am 5 feet tall (sadly, I am really 4’11”).

3. My husband, Jonathan, was the biggest blessing God sent me.

4. I am a candy junky. Skittles, Chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, you name it!

5. I cannot parallel park. Seriously, cannot do it.

6. I am a music junkie.  I know every word to almost every song.

7. I want to adopt a child someday. Maybe 2. Or 3.

Colleen Williams – Event Assistant

Simply Southern - 17

1. I was born on Christmas Eve. So, obviously my favorite time of year is Christmas!

2. The best place to vacation, in my opinion, is Kiawah Island. I’ve been going there with my family since I was a baby!

3. I could eat ice cream after every meal. If only those calories didn’t count!

4. My favorite television show will always be Boy Meets World. Cory & Topanga Forever!

5. I recently purchased some fabulous, swoon worthy Kate Spade Keds. I blame Erin for putting them on the blog last week.

6. I have watched basically every season of The Bachelor. Okay, every season. Feel free to judge. 🙂

7. Every morning I make a to-do list for the day. And yes, I write items I’ve already completed just so I can cross them off!

Jonathan Padgett – Fabulous Husband/Guy Behind The SS Wed Curtain


1. Golfing = my happy place. Tournaments, dog fights, casual rounds with friends – I play them all.

2.  Ocean’s Eleven movies make me want to change careers – who’s in for pulling a heist?

3. My grandmother is 96 and often says inappropriate things. We forgive her because she is 96.

4. I am a big Detriot Lions fan. Panthers come second – “Maybe next year” is my go-to slogan.

5. I proposed in Universal Studios in front of 500 people. With a microphone. On a big screen. We have the video to prove it!

6. For my 30th birthday, I went skydiving…with my 63 year old mom. Erin is a chicken and wouldn’t go.

7. I often get told I look like either Matthew Perry (Chandler on Friends), Doogie Howser or Topher Grace (Eric on That 70’s Show).

Lexie Padgett – Official Greeter/Milk Bone Lover


Now that I have shared our fun facts, I would love to hear yours too! Email your top 3 facts (7 if you are feeling up to it) to and be entered to win a Starbucks Gift Card!! (disclaimer – if you win, you might have to invite me to come with you!!)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


Erin Takes Over “Simply Southern Says”!

First off, I want to give a HUGE thank you to my wonderful assistant, Colleen! We had a L.O.N.G. day yesterday preparing and designing an AH-MAZING styled shoot that I could not have done without her!  I cannot wait to share all of the photos with you guys (they are pure gorgeousness)! In the meantime, here we are in all our exhausted glory at the end of the day: (not bad for 6 hours of hustle and bustle)


 THANK YOU COLLEEN – I OWE YOU ONE! (Bouquet by the fab Chelish Moore)

I am giving Colleen the day off and I have taken over her “Simply Southern Says” blog! One of the first things my brides usually ask me is ‘”what are the top must -haves or must-dos of a wedding?” While each wedding is different, there are some things that remain the same!  Today, I am dishing out my Top 7 (Must-Have or Must-Do) Ideas for Planning Your Wedding – Seriously ya’ll – these are awesome!

1.   Have An Unplugged Wedding – Thinking of letting your guests take pictures during your ceremony? Might want to think again! Let your professional photographer capture the moments, not photos of everyone else’s iPhones! Example of a plugged-in ceremony: Amber-Wilkie-Photography

2.   Limit Your Vendors – Don’t overwhelm yourself with vendor meetings. Pick your top 2 (3 at the max) for each category and meet only with them. If none of them are perfect – your can add more!

3.   Remember The Meaning – While your wedding is important, remember that you are planning for a marriage. Take time to close the Pinterest board and put down the wedding magazines and connect with your future spouse!

4.   First Things First – Vendors who can only book one wedding a day (ex: venue, photographer, wedding planner, music) should be your main priority. No sense in stressing about centerpieces when you have not selected a venue!

5.   Add A Personal Touch – Your wedding should be about you and your fiancé. Love the Tar Heels? Use Carolina blue for a color. Horseback rider? Get married on a farm and have horses in your photos.  Those little touches are what make it meaningful to you! The groom of a 2013 wedding we did is a BIG hunter – so the bride surprised him with this cake:

Hunt Cake

6.   Let The Experts Do Their Job – You wouldn’t tell your dentist how to fill a cavity – so don’t tell your florist how to arrange a bouquet. Given them guidance and inspiration, but then trust them to bring your vision to life – it is their profession!

7.   Hire A Planner – At the risk of a shameless promotion, planners will keep you on track, provide the best referrals (and discounts!) and relieve stress so you can enjoy your BIG DAY!

Let me know if you think I missed something! Have a great week y’all!


Friday’s Find – New Kicks!

Happy Friday Friends!  Let me start by giving myself a high five for actually posting this on Friday! “High Five – Way to Go Erin!”

Those who know me, know I LOVE my shoes (like overly obsessed/borderline hoarder)!  I am all of 5 feet tall, so I usually wear a heel or wedge to help me out, however, I recently stumbled across a flat shoe that I could not pass up. Truthfully, the husband needed new shoes, and we have a deal that for every pair he buys, I get one too! – Lucky me – he bought 2 pairs! (I also suggest that all wives/girlfriends out there make the same shoe deal with your significant other!)

Maybe I missed the boat when I was younger, but I have never owned a pair of Keds – until now. Just look at the cuteness of these on my feet:


Comfort, style, and RED in color – Win, Win, Win for me!  I love them so much, I want more! I went looking online and I had no clue how many styles there were (nor did I know that Kate Spade & Taylor Swift both had Keds collections!)

I mean seriously, Kate Spade Keds:





And then there’s Taylor Swift Keds:


WF49723_6_700x700 WF49711_2_700x700They even have awesome Men’s shoes:


Here’s the best news of all – THIS WEEK ONLY – GET $10 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING (use code SPRINGFLING)!  You’re welcome!

Check out the full collection here!


Happy Feet Erin







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Something To Celebrate!


Tomorrow marks 3 years since this wonderful day took place! I loved every moment of that day and it only keeps getting better. Being able to live life with this man is an incredible blessing!

To steal a page out of the most recent Southern Weddings magazine –

“Just as an audible intake of breath is heard when a bride emerges at the end of the aisle, our life’s work is sharing and encouraging marriages so beautiful the world gasps when it sees them. Friends, the world is waiting for your marriage. It needs it, because each new union adds something to marriage’s legacy. That is an awesome responsibility, and one that we honor and cherish, all the days of our life.” 

I love you Matt. I cherish the responsibility of being your wife.

Okay, enough of that mushy stuff for now. 🙂

I thought it would be fun (& appropriate) to share some anniversary ideas today! It is so much fun to celebrate that beautiful day and all the days that have followed it!

Here’s three fun ways to celebrate your special day:



You can plan an exotic vacation like the one above! (Sign me up, please!)


Go on a weekend getaway – Places close to home are fun and the travel is easy!

Last year, Matt and I planned a ‘stay cation’. We booked a room in a nice hotel near our condo and explored the city we were living in!



Share in the celebration with your loved ones! Whether you have been married for 2 years or 50, that is something to be excited about. Take a cue from Erin – she and her hubby threw a fabulous anniversary party (with 80 of their closest friends and family)! Look at them in their 7 year martial bliss state!




Sometimes dinner and a movie can be just as fun as going all out! Plan an evening in with your love – you can make it extra fun by putting together cute packages like this one!

Moral of the story here – spending time with the one you love is special regardless of what you are doing. Whether you plan a week long vacation or a special night in, celebrating is always fun!

Thanks for reading!


Friday’s Find – Let’s Save Money!

First off, I must admit to my total failure this week. Here it is Saturday and I am posting my Friday’s Find – shame on me (if we were in person, I would sing you the “I’m sorry, So sorry” song.) My apologies for getting this out a day late, but better late than never I always believe! I am so blessed to have a full calendar, but my little ol’ blog suffers from it.

Example: in the next 3 weeks, I have: 

– 2 weddings

– an engagement party

– a surprise 80th birthday party

– a real estate grand opening

– a bridal show

– a styled photo shoot

(plus somewhere in there is my fabulous stepdad’s AND husband’s birthdays!)

It’s crazy, but my daily Dr. Pepper gets me through! I should seriously be their spokesperson. Anyone with Dr. Pepper connections out there – hook a girl up! 🙂

I am sure all of you are busy like me and maybe, some of you loathe the idea of grocery shopping like I do. In our house, grocery shopping happens once a week – that is my max. I keep an ongoing list on the fridge that Jonathan and I add to, then on shopping day, I grab the list and head out for my weekly run (side note – never go to the store hungry – you WILL buy tons of extra stuff just because your stomach is growling and everything looks tasty!)

While I am not a “crazy coupon lady” – I do like to save a buck every now and then. I am also a big fan of Redbook magazine (How gorgeous are these girls?? Gifts under $50 – I’m there!)

carrie-underwood-redbook-magazine-december-2013-issue_1 drew-barrymore-redbook-magazine-june-2014-cover_1 Jessica-Alba--Redbook-Magazine-2014--04-720x993

Redbook’s selection of online coupons for groceries ROCKS – see for yourself here! Seriously, such a variety all in one place – makes my grocery trips a little bit more enjoyable! Happy Shopping People!


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D I Y Project – Did Someone Say Glitter?

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying this hot weather! We spent a lot of time outside and got a lot of sun – great weekend overall!

For the past little while I have had an empty frame on my desk and it has been driving me crazy! I was perusing the craft store, as I tend to do on occasion, and found some awesome glitter paper. Glitter people, glitter!  I was inspired and decided to create a little something for my lonely frame!

Here are the steps to creating your own:

Step 1 – Gather your supplies.

photo 1

You will need:

– An empty picture frame

– A lever punch (or as I like to call it, a ‘circle cutter’) – I got mine for less than $3 at Michael’s!

– Glue stick

– Pencil

– 2 sheets of craft/scrapbook paper (go on, make it glitter!)

– Scissors

Step 2 – Cut one piece of paper to fit your frame and punch circles in the other piece.

photo 2

Step 3 – Draw a heart shape with pencil on your background paper. Confession: I had to draw a bunch of hearts before I finally had one that was the perfect size and centered. Just keeping it real here. 

photo 3

Step 4 – Place a dab of glue from your glue stick on the back of a punched out circle. Place the circle over your outlined heart in an overlapping pattern.

photo 4

Step 5 – Continue placing circles in an overlapping pattern. Sit back and admire how nicely your project is coming along.

photo 5

Step 6 – Complete the heart!


I love how this turned out! It looks especially great on my desk. Much better than an empty frame!

photo 8

I love this heart, but you could use the cut out circles to create different looks as well. How cute would a monogram be? Or table numbers for a wedding? You know I had to throw that one in there. 😉 

I hope this project is an inspiration for you fellow empty frame owners out there!

Thanks for reading!


Friday’s Find – For the Man in Your Life

This past weekend, my husband and I took a little getaway to Greenville, SC – full of front porch sitting, good eats and downtown shopping!  We had only one goal for the trip – find a new bathing suit for Jonathan. We have a couple of beach trips over the summer, and his one and only suit has seen better days – so a new one was necessary!  We walked into Brooks Brothers and of course, leave it to my husband to choose a $75 bathing suit (I don’t even spend $75 on a bathing suit)! However, it is super well made, high-end and good looking – so this one came home with us!


 Find this suit Here!

The store had a limited selection, however, the online shop is full of goodies!  Here are some more of my favs:

MY00055_MULTI brooks-brothers-green-montauk-6-golden-fleecer-solid-swim-trunks-product-1-17004261-0-507874831-normal_large_flex images

(Jellyfish on swim trunks, I can’t decide whether I love or hate them, but I am leaning towards love!)

Find all Brooks Brothers Swim Trunks Here!

Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, fiance, father or brother – they would all love these! Have a great weekend y’all!


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