Money, Money, Money, Money…Money!

Every time I hear that song, all I can think about is this:


Any other Celebrity Apprentice fans?? My love for reality TV is in full force today!

Anyway, now that you have a budget set – how do you divide it out? Let’s work with the law of averages. Below is the average breakdown of the percentage of money from your budget that should be given to each category:

Reception (includes venue, food, drink, cake and rentals) – 48%

Rings – 4%

Invitations – 2%

Flowers – 5%

Bridal Apparel – 6%

Music (ceremony & reception) – 5%

Photography & Videography – 10%

Hair & Makeup – 1%

Transportation – 2%

Ceremony/Officiant – 2%

Miscellaneous (wedding planner, gratuities, hotel, etc) – 15%

Remember this is just an average and your individual wedding budget might differ. Before you go booking everything, I recommend going back to your “What Matters Most” list and take a look at your top 6 items. Those MOST important things is where you should be spending your money. Maybe a videographer is most important? Or maybe you don’t want any flowers? Adjust your budget accordingly, but keep the averages in mind!

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