Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather – I know I am! It’s so refreshing to walk outside and feel the crisp air, instead of a wall of humidity. 🙂

When brides are planning their weddings, most have one or two items that are the most important to them. Whether it be the flowers, photography, or even the invitations. I tend to be somewhat of a paper snob, which I blame on my mom who is also one! While I love a gold foil embossed invitation, I think your Save The Date is a great way to show your fun, creative side! Here are some ideas I have seen floating around the internet:


Agh – this is so cute! I think we have established that I love my puppy, so obviously this idea makes me smile. 🙂


Love the idea of this mini-calendar – so fun, but still really pretty!


How fun are these balloons? I love this because it’s adorable and unique!


This is such a cute play on words! So creative!

Christmas Card

For those couples with a spring, summer wedding – why not kill two birds with one stone? If you were going to send Christmas cards anyway, add in your Save The Date! So fun!

Thanks for reading!