Happy Thursday!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Erin and I have a wedding this weekend – should be fabulous! We also had one last weekend, which included an Italian wedding dance, a New Orleans second line band, and tons of fun. I still can’t get over how gorgeous the bride was … celebrity-status pretty!

So, while every wedding is unique in its own way, every wedding also has a lot of the same things. A ceremony, first dance, food and drink, and gifts! People attending your special day love you and want to shower you with gifts. There needs to be a place to put them! Now, you can just put up a table, throw a linen on it, and call it a day OR you can come up with a super awesome designed gift table! There are so many cute ideas!


I love this little carriage! What a fun way to expand on your theme – and a great place for your guests to put cards!

Thank You Sign

This little ‘Thank You’ sign takes this from a basic table, to a super cute one! Also, very appropriate!

Thank You Sign 2

The gift table is a great place to display a ‘thank you’ to all of your guests! Write a sweet note and leave it out for everyone to see!


Um, how adorable is this mailbox?! I also love the string of photos above – so cute!


This trunk is so pretty AND practical! At the end of the evening, you (or your wedding planner ;)) can just shut the trunk and put it in the car!

Thanks for reading!