Hello all! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! We at Simply Southern had an action packed weekend that included an absolutely adorable photo shoot followed by a beautiful wedding! Another great weekend in the books 🙂

Lately I have seen so many fun ideas for wedding (or party) favors. This is such a fun way to thank your guests for coming, while letting your creativity shine!

mini bouquets


As a girl who swoons over a pretty bouquet of flowers, I love these favors! How great would it look to have individual bouquets or plants at each person’s seat? So pretty!


You have to love a favor that is fun, but practical! We all hate having to hold a cold, wet drink while trying to mingle at an event. These koozies will save the day – while looking super cute! Your guests can take them home and remember your event for years to come whenever they break out their koozie!


Homemade favors are such a great idea! Show off your talents by creating a little special something for each of your guests. These jars of jam are adorable – and yummy!

cookie smores

Speaking of yummy, these sweet treats are fabulous gifts! Your guests have just danced and partied the night away celebrating you. Why not send them out with a sweet treat to enjoy on their ride home?!


This idea was too adorable not to share. Champagne is the ultimate celebration drink – treat your guests to their own miniature bottle! How perfect would these be for a New Years Eve wedding?!

I love looking at these creative ideas for an event with you all – I hope that they serve as great inspiration for your perfect day! Thanks for reading!