Hey Y’all – I am writing this in between final preparations for a wedding this weekend in B.E.A.utiful Wilmington, NC! Love that town and super pumped!

Growing up, I was teased for being so small – but God love my Mama who always told me that the best things come in small packages (she usually meant diamonds – but that’s neither here nor there). So, today’s find is for all my petite women out there! Being all of 5 feet tall and the size of a peanut, I have always had a hard time finding business clothing – especially pants,  that not only looked appropriate, but didn’t need any alterations – until now.

Enter Banana Republic Sloan Fit Pants


These puppies are not only the perfect length, they also have “power stretch” fabric that retains its shape and hugs your body. Plus – they come in like 2,417 colors & patterns (okay, not really that many, but you get the point).  I currently own 3 pairs of these and cannot wait for them to go 40% off again so I can stock up!  All my slim and petite women out there – don’t hesitate, go buy yours HERE!

Also – I don’t know if it because of the european sizing or what, but H&M skirts and pants run smaller than normal – so that is another great, super affordable option. Check out H&M HERE! FYI – they are currently having BIG sale!

While you shop away – I am off to the coast for a fun filled wedding weekend! Have a good one!