Happy Friday Friends!  Let me start by giving myself a high five for actually posting this on Friday! “High Five – Way to Go Erin!”

Those who know me, know I LOVE my shoes (like overly obsessed/borderline hoarder)!  I am all of 5 feet tall, so I usually wear a heel or wedge to help me out, however, I recently stumbled across a flat shoe that I could not pass up. Truthfully, the husband needed new shoes, and we have a deal that for every pair he buys, I get one too! – Lucky me – he bought 2 pairs! (I also suggest that all wives/girlfriends out there make the same shoe deal with your significant other!)

Maybe I missed the boat when I was younger, but I have never owned a pair of Keds – until now. Just look at the cuteness of these on my feet:


Comfort, style, and RED in color – Win, Win, Win for me!  I love them so much, I want more! I went looking online and I had no clue how many styles there were (nor did I know that Kate Spade & Taylor Swift both had Keds collections!)

I mean seriously, Kate Spade Keds:





And then there’s Taylor Swift Keds:


WF49723_6_700x700 WF49711_2_700x700They even have awesome Men’s shoes:


Here’s the best news of all – THIS WEEK ONLY – GET $10 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING (use code SPRINGFLING)!  You’re welcome!

Check out the full collection here!


Happy Feet Erin