Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope you all had a glorious weekend – mine was spent soaking in the sun at the beach! The weather was absolutely perfect, I couldn’t believe it was the end of October.



Being at the beach obviously made me think of how fun it would be to decorate a wedding in the sand! Take a look at some ideas with me! 🙂

Market Street Lights

This is so beautiful! I feel like the food would just taste better if you ate it off this table.

Cute Signs

How fun are these signs? Who doesn’t love the feeling of sand between their toes? 🙂

Round Tables

I love the use of classic tables against the natural background. So pretty!

Ceremony Arch

Ceremony arches are usually romantic, but this one takes it over the top! Gorgeous!


Nothing screams wedding to me more than flowing white fabrics, beautiful flowers, and soft lighting. Love this!

Thanks for reading!