Happy Fall!

Happy First Day of Fall! For those of us in Charlotte – how amazing is this weather?! I hope you were able to enjoy it this weekend! Erin and I got to be a part of another gorgeous wedding on Saturday. I’m still fawning over our bride’s dress, can’t wait to share pictures with you all!

Sunday was an eventful day in the Williams household! My hard working hubby was out in the yard clearing out some brush around the edges of our fence. He was swinging his machete (yes, I know, a machete) and it slipped and hit his knee. Ouch! I was inside for all of this, but heard him come in saying ‘Um, I cut myself …”. 4 hours at urgent care, 6 staples in the knee, and 1 tetanus shot later he was okay. Needless to say, I am so thankful that it was a somewhat easy fix and he is okay now!


Feeling better now that all the needles are put away. 🙂

Now, back to this incredible fall weather! It has inspired me to start thinking about fall decor for the house. Here’s some ideas I am loving!


How adorable are these acorns? This would be really pretty on the mantel or hanging along a staircase!

Boxwood Wreath

I absolutely love boxwood wreaths! And how cute is that mini pumpkin?!

Table Setting

Okay, so this is totally one of “those” Pinterest photos – perfection in a picture. But I do love the idea of using green and white as your color scheme!


How pretty would this be on a front porch? Or in front of a fire place?

Thankful Placemat

This placemat is so great! Would obviously be perfect for your Thanksgiving table!

Alright, now everyone go outside and enjoy the crisp air!

Thanks for reading!


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Just Call Me Suzy Homemaker

Hi there! I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying this fabulous fall weather. 🙂

We moved into our house about a year ago and love our little place! Our goal has been to make it a home, so little by little we have been working on projects. Recently, I finished our bedroom and love it! So, while I am not going to be starring in my own HGTV show any time soon, I thought I would share my little renovation project with all of you!


photo 1

photo 2

I took these pictures right before I started painting. So, besides a couple of pictures and a made bed, this is pretty much what it looked like. Blah. I was desperate for some change!

So, I painted the walls a nice clean grey/blue, added some curtains, and some personal touches with pictures and a mirror. I love how it all came together!


photo 1

photo 2

photo 1


Apologies for the iPhone quality photos, but you get the idea! So much cozier!

photo 3

Kenan loves it too. 🙂

If I’m brave, maybe I will share some of my other projects around the house. For now, I hope you enjoyed this one!

Thanks for reading!


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The Ugly “B” Word – Part 3

Money, Money, Money, Money…Money!

Every time I hear that song, all I can think about is this:


Any other Celebrity Apprentice fans?? My love for reality TV is in full force today!

Anyway, now that you have a budget set – how do you divide it out? Let’s work with the law of averages. Below is the average breakdown of the percentage of money from your budget that should be given to each category:

Reception (includes venue, food, drink, cake and rentals) – 48%

Rings – 4%

Invitations – 2%

Flowers – 5%

Bridal Apparel – 6%

Music (ceremony & reception) – 5%

Photography & Videography – 10%

Hair & Makeup – 1%

Transportation – 2%

Ceremony/Officiant – 2%

Miscellaneous (wedding planner, gratuities, hotel, etc) – 15%

Remember this is just an average and your individual wedding budget might differ. Before you go booking everything, I recommend going back to your “What Matters Most” list and take a look at your top 6 items. Those MOST important things is where you should be spending your money. Maybe a videographer is most important? Or maybe you don’t want any flowers? Adjust your budget accordingly, but keep the averages in mind!

Next post – 7 Ways to Save Money!! Who doesn’t love to save a buck??