Your [Beautifully Decorated] Walk Down the Aisle!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Matt and I spent the end of last week and weekend in Iowa visiting my grandparents. They live in a really small town surrounded by beautiful farm land. It was refreshing to get away and spend some time unplugged with the people I love! Here’s a few pictures to give you a feel:



Now, back to some wedding inspiration! Recently I have seen some beautiful decorating ideas for the aisle at your ceremony. Depending on the venue, there are so many great options!


Candles and flower petals scream romance to me! Gorgeous!


These wreaths are so pretty! They are so simple, but all together add such a beautiful touch!


I love these lanterns! They look great at this outdoor ceremony, but could also work inside as well!

Log Stoops

How cool are these stoops? They are so simple and easy to add your own unique touch to!

Hearts on Stick

Last but not least – how fun are these hearts?! You know I always love something different – these definitely fit the bill!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! Thanks for reading!


Bouquets For Your Beauties

Hi there everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. We are battling the heat here in Charlotte – I’m already tired of sweating.

A few weeks ago we took a look at some great bridesmaid dress options. There are so many fun ways for your girls to dress, while adding a unique touch to your special day! Along with their dress, what your ladies hold in their hands can be just as beautiful! By now, we know that I love flowers so I wanted to check out some bridesmaid bouquet options, along with some fun, non-flower choices as well!


All White

Nothing says wedding like all white bouquets! So pretty!

Brightly Colored

I love the idea of brightly colored flowers with neutral dresses. What a great way to add a pop!



If your girls are in colorful dresses, you can make a decision to either have coordinating or contrasting bouquets! I personally love the idea of contrasting colors – how pretty are these yellow flowers?!



For all you rustic brides out there – this lavender bunch is so pretty and unique!

Okay – since I know that not everyone is as flower obsessed as I am, there are some fun options for non-flower ‘bouquets’.


How adorable are these pinwheels?


These muffs are so pretty for a winter wedding! Plus, your friends will thank you for keeping their hands warm!

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for reading!


*All images found on Pinterest

Feeling Patriotic

Hey there! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! We ended up going to Raleigh for the weekend and it was glorious. My husband has had to work a lot recently, so having a weekend off to relax with family was so nice. We ate way too much food, enjoyed some fireworks, and even went kayaking down a river!

After this weekend, I was feeling very inspired by all of the patriotic decor I saw. There are so many fun ways to decorate using red, white, and blue. Obviously this works great for the 4th of July, but it can also be used for Labor Day or just a fun summer cook-out!


Beans and Jars

I love these fun jars! This is such a simple way to incorporate some red, white, and blue into your home decor. Love it!

Paper Umbrella Wreath

Okay, I may need to go make this right now. This wreath is so adorable and obviously very patriotic!


I have always loved a good banner. How cute would this be hanging from your mantle? Or your front porch?

Place Setting

How fun is this place setting for a summer cook-out? When you are serving burgers and hot dogs, it’s always nice to keep things casual. That doesn’t mean it can’t be cute though! 😉


Speaking of cute and casual – I love this line up of utensils!

Here’s to hoping you all have many cook-outs to decorate for this summer! I know that these ideas have inspired me to throw one soon!

Thanks for reading!


Vases Galore

Happy Wednesday!! I hope you all have had a great start to this 4 day week! The Mister and I are super indecisive and have yet to make plans for this weekend – I do know that it will involve fun and relaxation though. 🙂

I love having fresh flowers in our home, especially this time of year! They can really brighten up a room and bring a sense of refreshment. I have a stash of your basic clear vases, but have recently been on the lookout for more creative ideas! So, I thought I would take a look at some ideas with you guys. These vases can obviously be used for flowers in your home, but also as centerpieces for an event or wedding!



This would be so pretty as a fall centerpiece. I’m envisioning this on a Thanksgiving table!

Wooden Cube

How cute is this? Rustic, but still very pretty.


I love terrariums! This is amazing as a centerpiece too – so unique!


Surprise, surprise – I love these glitter vases! What a great way to transform some basic cylinders. These would be so pretty during the winter!


I love lanterns and I love flowers – why not combine them?!

Mercury Glass

I’m dying a little over this mercury glass vase! Gorgeous!

I hope you are feeling inspired to add some fresh flowers to your home, maybe using one of these creative vase ideas!

Thanks for reading!



Eat Your Heart Out

I’ve definitely said this before but I love when an event includes something unique and personalized. Last week, we looked at how a monogram can play this role and this week we will be looking at desserts! So, if you are reading this at your desk before lunch time – you have been forewarned. 🙂

Obviously the traditional choice for a wedding dessert is a tiered wedding cake. This is always lovely and is definitely a great way to go. If you are searching for a way to make your event uniquely yours though, different dessert options can be so fun! One of our fabulous couples served Cold Stone Creamery at their reception and it was AWESOME. There are endless options when it comes to serving some special sweets at your event!



Talk about a crowd pleasing treat! Who doesn’t love donuts? And bonus – it makes for a very cute display!

Mini Individual Cakes

If you still love the idea of cake but want to do something different, why not individual cakes?! These look so elegant … and yummy!

Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is one of my favs so obviously I’m loving this idea! How great would these be for a truly Southern wedding? Serve up some pig and then indulge in this sweet treat!


If you want to serve different kinds of dessert, shooters are a good idea! Your guests will have multiple options to choose from when being served!


Umm, seriously?! How fun is this? I love this idea!

Now that I have sufficiently given you a sweet craving – go enjoy a little treat!

Thanks for reading!


Wedding Monograms 101

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is staying cool in this hot weather! Safe to say that summer has come to Charlotte!

I may have stated this before, but I love when an event has a subtle theme running throughout. Obviously your color scheme creates a consistent look, but having something even more specific can really tie everything together! My favorite way to do this is with a monogram! This should come at no surprise, since I do have a slight obsession with them. 🙂

Therefore, we will be looking at ways to incorporate your new monogram on your wedding day!


overlapping monogram


tandb monogram


Creating a monogram with the first 2 letters of your name is a great option. This same image could be used on all of your paper products, from the invitation to cocktail napkins!

crest monogram

This elegant monogram has the resemblance of a crest! You are starting a new family on your wedding day, so why not create a new family crest?

gold foil monogram

This image combines two of my favorite things, monograms and gold foil! How pretty would this be on a cocktail napkin?

 While I love the idea of having your monogram run throughout your decor, I realize that not everyone shares the same obsession. 😉

   flower letter monogram moss monogram

Having one large monogram or single letter placed centrally is a great option! Either of these would be really pretty in a ceremony scape!

guestbook frame monogram

I think this would be a great ‘guestbook’! All of your guests can fill in the border with their signatures and well wishes. Hang this in your home and be reminded of your special day every time you look at it!

centerpiece monogram

This is a great way to personalize your centerpieces! This would be pretty on a sweetheart table or on all of your guest tables!

Okay, now I have to go find something to monogram!

Thanks for reading!


Fun & Fabulous Favors!

Hello all! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! We at Simply Southern had an action packed weekend that included an absolutely adorable photo shoot followed by a beautiful wedding! Another great weekend in the books 🙂

Lately I have seen so many fun ideas for wedding (or party) favors. This is such a fun way to thank your guests for coming, while letting your creativity shine!

mini bouquets


As a girl who swoons over a pretty bouquet of flowers, I love these favors! How great would it look to have individual bouquets or plants at each person’s seat? So pretty!


You have to love a favor that is fun, but practical! We all hate having to hold a cold, wet drink while trying to mingle at an event. These koozies will save the day – while looking super cute! Your guests can take them home and remember your event for years to come whenever they break out their koozie!


Homemade favors are such a great idea! Show off your talents by creating a little special something for each of your guests. These jars of jam are adorable – and yummy!

cookie smores

Speaking of yummy, these sweet treats are fabulous gifts! Your guests have just danced and partied the night away celebrating you. Why not send them out with a sweet treat to enjoy on their ride home?!


This idea was too adorable not to share. Champagne is the ultimate celebration drink – treat your guests to their own miniature bottle! How perfect would these be for a New Years Eve wedding?!

I love looking at these creative ideas for an event with you all – I hope that they serve as great inspiration for your perfect day! Thanks for reading!


Lovely Looks For Your Lovely Ladies!

Happy Tuesday everyone! In honor of one of the funniest chick flicks of our time (who can forget the scene in the bridal shop!), I thought we would look at some bridesmaid dresses!! There are so many options these days and more and more brides are choosing dresses that are not only gorgeous, but can be worn again! Score for all bridesmaids out there! Let’s look at some of the current bridesmaid dress trends:

Option 1: Long Dresses

long:same color

How beautiful are these gowns? I have always thought that long dresses look so elegant!

Option 2: Short Dresses

short:same color

While long gowns certainly are elegant, short dresses are beautiful as well! For weddings during warmer months, these are a great option – lovely and comfortable! *Side note – Peonies for President!  Seriously gorgeous!*

Option 3: Same Color, Different Style

same color:different styles

same color:different styles 2

Letting your bridesmaids choose their own style is a great idea! Pick a color and let your girls show their unique fashion sense!

Option 4: Different Color, Same Style

different color:same style         different color:same style 2

If you have a certain style in mind but can’t nail down the color, this is a great option! Choosing a particular color palette keeps this option unique without being too busy.

Option 5: All Different 

coordinating colors:styles

For an extra unique look, each bridesmaid can pick out their own dress! I think this look always works best with soft, neutral colors.

Hopefully these looks are inspiring to all of our brides-to-be out there! At the very least, it’s always fun looking at pretty dresses, right? 🙂

Now I will leave you with a clip from the aforementioned chick flick:

Thanks for reading!


Inspiration – Table Settings

Hello there! I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! Erin and I had two weddings, which means double the exhaustion! More importantly though, it meant double the fun, double the prettiness, and double the love. Great weekend for sure!

Setting up for two receptions this weekend inspired me to start thinking about the different ways to make a stunning tablescape and make your event unique.

Check out these gorgeous gold rimmed glasses and the colorful flowers!.


I love these takes on a traditional place setting. The gold gives the top setting an extra dose of prettiness. And who doesn’t love a good bow? What a fun way to present your napkin!


Sometimes you may want to have only the napkin on the table as your guests are seated. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep this from looking too plain!

How pretty is this envelope style napkin? Obviously in this photo they have placed the silverware, but you could always do a menu or even a flower!


This napkin ring is so lovely! I’m envisioning this look with a monogrammed napkin!


Subtle themes used throughout an event are always great! These little pig place cards are too adorable!


While these place settings are great for weddings, it’s also nice to do something special for a dinner party or bridal/baby shower! Hopefully these ideas will serve as inspiration for your next event!

Thanks for reading!


Erin Takes Over “Simply Southern Says”!

First off, I want to give a HUGE thank you to my wonderful assistant, Colleen! We had a L.O.N.G. day yesterday preparing and designing an AH-MAZING styled shoot that I could not have done without her!  I cannot wait to share all of the photos with you guys (they are pure gorgeousness)! In the meantime, here we are in all our exhausted glory at the end of the day: (not bad for 6 hours of hustle and bustle)


 THANK YOU COLLEEN – I OWE YOU ONE! (Bouquet by the fab Chelish Moore)

I am giving Colleen the day off and I have taken over her “Simply Southern Says” blog! One of the first things my brides usually ask me is ‘”what are the top must -haves or must-dos of a wedding?” While each wedding is different, there are some things that remain the same!  Today, I am dishing out my Top 7 (Must-Have or Must-Do) Ideas for Planning Your Wedding – Seriously ya’ll – these are awesome!

1.   Have An Unplugged Wedding – Thinking of letting your guests take pictures during your ceremony? Might want to think again! Let your professional photographer capture the moments, not photos of everyone else’s iPhones! Example of a plugged-in ceremony: Amber-Wilkie-Photography

2.   Limit Your Vendors – Don’t overwhelm yourself with vendor meetings. Pick your top 2 (3 at the max) for each category and meet only with them. If none of them are perfect – your can add more!

3.   Remember The Meaning – While your wedding is important, remember that you are planning for a marriage. Take time to close the Pinterest board and put down the wedding magazines and connect with your future spouse!

4.   First Things First – Vendors who can only book one wedding a day (ex: venue, photographer, wedding planner, music) should be your main priority. No sense in stressing about centerpieces when you have not selected a venue!

5.   Add A Personal Touch – Your wedding should be about you and your fiancé. Love the Tar Heels? Use Carolina blue for a color. Horseback rider? Get married on a farm and have horses in your photos.  Those little touches are what make it meaningful to you! The groom of a 2013 wedding we did is a BIG hunter – so the bride surprised him with this cake:

Hunt Cake

6.   Let The Experts Do Their Job – You wouldn’t tell your dentist how to fill a cavity – so don’t tell your florist how to arrange a bouquet. Given them guidance and inspiration, but then trust them to bring your vision to life – it is their profession!

7.   Hire A Planner – At the risk of a shameless promotion, planners will keep you on track, provide the best referrals (and discounts!) and relieve stress so you can enjoy your BIG DAY!

Let me know if you think I missed something! Have a great week y’all!