Hello 2014, Nice to See You

If y’all are anything like me, this was what your New Years Eve looked like:

Sleeping Dog

I am all about a party – but after Christmas in 5 different cities in 8 days, I was pooped!  The husband, who we shall refer to as JP from now on, and I were in bed around 10:30pm – we forced ourselves to stay awake to see the ball drop – and then lights out!

So after spending tons of time with my wonderfully large and loud family on an extended holiday vacation (and eating more than I should have) – I am fueled up on Dr. Pepper and ready to tackle my to-do list!

First up, my “2014 Goals List.” I am not normally the type of person who gets caught up in new years resolutions, and you definitely won’t find me amongst the gym crazies in January, but I love having a good goal list (goes back to the giddiness that comes when the pen gets to scribble something off the list)! A good mix of personal and professional goals is my belief – so here it is:

1. Have the pleasure of working with numerous brides on their Big Day

2. Successfully pull off my 7th Wedding Anniversary party (and a surprise for JP!)

3. Go on 1-2 of the weekend getaways JP and I have been talking about for years

4. Find a new church home and get involved

5. Organize my closet and jewelry – seriously out of control and driving me crazy

6. Develop solid relationships with other vendors in the wedding industry

7. Celebrate BIG for my 30th Birthday in October! (halfway to age 60 – eekkk…)

8. Cook more – JP is the grill master, but I need to work on my kitchen skills

9. Take fashion risks (dying my hair dark has given me confidence to try new styles)

10. Have at least one of my clients weddings published in a wedding magazine

I am sure there are more that will float up over time, but these are my “100% must do, no backing out, no cheating, don’t even think about not doing, Erin – make these happen” goals for the year! I would love to hear about your goals too and we can keep each other in check!  Who doesn’t love an accountability partner?!?

Happy New Year to you all!

2014 – Bring. It. On!