Friday’s Find – Bring On The Sun

Summer is officially here – which means warm weather, cookouts, beach trips or lake living and of course dreaded bathing suit season! All winter long, we complain about it being too cold and how we “can’t wait for summer,” then Summer’s here and we complain about how its too hot and how we “weren’t ready for bikini season!” Clearly – we can’t win!  Luckily, I have compiled some of the cutest bathing suits for the season that will have you running for the pool and the best part – all of them are under $50!!  Click on each caption to be taken directly to the site.

First Up – TARGET!  Disclaimer: If you don’t love Target, we can no longer be friends. Just saying. 

Navy and white stripes – so nautical! 


Peach and Gold Bikini


Paisley one Piece


KOHLS – Keep an eye out for sales and coupons!

Fun Aztec Bikini 


Candie’s Pink


Victoria’s Secret – the Mothership of Bathing Suits

Mix and Match Bandeau Bikini


Mix & Match Flounce Halter Bikini




Ruffled one piece – in my new favorite color – MINT


Hope these have you ready for the beach!!  Have a good weekend!


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Friday’s Find – The Best Things Come in Small Packages!

Hey Y’all – I am writing this in between final preparations for a wedding this weekend in B.E.A.utiful Wilmington, NC! Love that town and super pumped!

Growing up, I was teased for being so small – but God love my Mama who always told me that the best things come in small packages (she usually meant diamonds – but that’s neither here nor there). So, today’s find is for all my petite women out there! Being all of 5 feet tall and the size of a peanut, I have always had a hard time finding business clothing – especially pants,  that not only looked appropriate, but didn’t need any alterations – until now.

Enter Banana Republic Sloan Fit Pants


These puppies are not only the perfect length, they also have “power stretch” fabric that retains its shape and hugs your body. Plus – they come in like 2,417 colors & patterns (okay, not really that many, but you get the point).  I currently own 3 pairs of these and cannot wait for them to go 40% off again so I can stock up!  All my slim and petite women out there – don’t hesitate, go buy yours HERE!

Also – I don’t know if it because of the european sizing or what, but H&M skirts and pants run smaller than normal – so that is another great, super affordable option. Check out H&M HERE! FYI – they are currently having BIG sale!

While you shop away – I am off to the coast for a fun filled wedding weekend! Have a good one!



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Friday’s Find – Blog Loves!

Happy Friday Everyone!  This week has been a busy (yet fun!) one for me and I am SO looking forward to my first weekend off in a month!!  What should I get into this weekend?!?

While I am newer to being a blogger myself, I have been reading other blogs for years and have a few that I make sure I read weekly. Some are about fashion, some about weddings and others about home decor, but all of them make me smile, laugh and usually open my purse strings! So without further adieu, here is my Top 5 Blog Loves List:

5. What Courtney Wore (

If you read last week’s post (go here if you missed it), you know my love affair with Courtney Kerr.  I first learned about her while getting my reality TV fix with “Most Eligible Dallas” where she was the ever-single, outspoken, spunky fashionista! Her blog has some of the best outfits and accessories and for those of you who remember, one of my 2014 goals was to “take fashion risks” – Courtney’s blog makes me do that and I LOVE IT! Here are a few of my favorite looks she has created:

IMG_6270-682x1024 IMG_6575-682x1024 IMG_7796-682x1024

4. Dwellings By Devore (

Believe it or not, this is a girl I went to high school with (Northwest Cabarrus class of 2003 representing!)  Bethany has an interior design background and not only has the most gorgeous home (I want to steal her dining room), but is one of the best DIY-ers I have ever seen!  Check her out and be sure to take a peek at her projects list for step-by-step inspiration that will have you running to Ikea and Home Depot!

Her GORGEOUS Dining Room:


3. Desiree Hartsock (

Yes, another reality TV girl – clearly I am a sucker for it!  Desiree was The Bachelorette last year, however, she is a wedding dress designer (currently working on a line with Maggie Sottero) and runs a blog full of wedding inspiration!  Flowers, dresses, real life weddings, giveaways and her fiancé Chris even chimes in! She is also a bride-to-be – can’t wait to see her wedding dress!


2. The Every Last Detail (

What a fun blog this one is!  Edited by a former wedding planner and bride herself, this one not only provides inspiration and wedding tips, but it is also a great search tool for vendors in your area! Be sure to check out the inspiration gallery where everything is broken down by individual styles! Also, I may be a little biased, but the articles “7 Things A Wedding Planner Might Not Tell You”  and “What A Wedding Planner Really Does” might be some of my all time favorites!

7thingsaplanner whataweddingplannerdoes

1. Pinterest Told Me To (

This girl is my comic relief!  Sheaffer is a Texas-dwelling, no filter mama who follows pinterest fashions and recreates them with her own flair.  Not only is she pee your pants funny, but she is my go-to girl for knowing what stores are having sales, introducing me to new styles and sharing a genuine love for Dr. Pepper!  (She might also do Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps that I thoroughly enjoy reading!) Just check out her Bio and About the Blog for what I mean about funny!

Pinterest Made Me - About Me Page600

Pinterest MadeMe Do It About The Blog REVISED SIDEBAR 300


Hope you guys can relate to one of these blogs and become a follower yourself! Would love to hear from you in the comments below some of your favorite blogs!!

Have a great weekend!


Friday’s Find – What’s In A Name?

Happy June Y’all! Wedding season is in full gear over at the SS Wed Headquarters and we are loving every minute of it!

I feel that I would not be a true southerner if I didn’t love a good monogram. Whether it is my initials, my full name or anything else, I just love things that are personalized to me!  Maybe it is because I grew up around the movie industry and like the idea of my name in lights!! “Erin Padgett – Wedding Planner Extraordinaire” – such a nice ring to it! 🙂

Anyway, you can imagine how excited I was to find this option from BaubleBar:


YES – An acrylic necklace made from your signature!  Ahhh – I die a little!

To top it all off – Courtney Kerr (Dallas fashion blogger at What Courtney Wore) is the spokeswoman behind it.  I adore her style.  I adore her personality. I adore her wittiness.  I basically adore her (and maybe stalk her blog a little!)  I mean, how beautiful is she??


 You better believe that a pink one is on its way to my house! If you need one too, check them out at BaubleBar

If you sign up to get their emails, you get 15% off AND it is FREE shipping and returns! Winning!

Hope you guys have a great weekend – we are off to a photo shoot today with GAP (yes, GAP clothing – eek…) and a wedding tomorrow!!


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Friday’s Find – Break Out Your Pens!

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a hand written note! With all the technology and social media these days, we forget to take the extra minute to write our thanks/love/appreciation/sympathy on paper. I say we get back to hand writing notes and sending them the good ol’ snail-mail way! So I compiled a mix of notecards that are screaming for you to buy them, write a sweet message and slap on stamp on them!

ashley_brooke_designs_buttercupHey There Buttercup by Ashley Brooke Designs


Inspirational sayings in Chalkboard style – yes please!  From World Market


Because you ARE so freaking awesome!  From Design Darling


Gold!! Pink!! Glitter!!  From World Market

NC2901_2 Looking for something personalized?  Check out Erin Condren

thank-you-cards-set-of-sixFancy and crafty – a winning combo! From Crate & Barrel 

I am in LOVE with them all (with a personal favorite of “You are so freaking awesome!”)  I get so excited when I check the mail and amidst all the bills and solicitations there is a colorful envelope with a sweet note inside and I vow to be a better note writer in the future – who’s with me??

Have a fun weekend!


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Friday’s Find – Find Out About Us & A Giveaway!

I am so glad it is Friday – the time has come where all the hard work comes together and The SS Wed Team heads out for our 2 weddings this weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday! This may come as a shock, but I LOVE Weddings!  They are the bread and butter of my company and each is so unique that I am just as (if not more) excited than the bride & groom! Can’t wait to share the loveliness with you all (follow me on Instagram and Facebook for sneak peeks)!

This week – I have decided to do something a little different for Friday’s Find – I want you guys to Find Out About The SS Wed Team and we want to find out about you – don’t forget to check the bottom for a GIVEAWAY!!

Erin Padgett – Owner & Event Designer

Simply Southern - 02

1. I have a love affair with the number 7 – hence why there will be 7 fun facts about everyone!

2. I tell everyone I am 5 feet tall (sadly, I am really 4’11”).

3. My husband, Jonathan, was the biggest blessing God sent me.

4. I am a candy junky. Skittles, Chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, you name it!

5. I cannot parallel park. Seriously, cannot do it.

6. I am a music junkie.  I know every word to almost every song.

7. I want to adopt a child someday. Maybe 2. Or 3.

Colleen Williams – Event Assistant

Simply Southern - 17

1. I was born on Christmas Eve. So, obviously my favorite time of year is Christmas!

2. The best place to vacation, in my opinion, is Kiawah Island. I’ve been going there with my family since I was a baby!

3. I could eat ice cream after every meal. If only those calories didn’t count!

4. My favorite television show will always be Boy Meets World. Cory & Topanga Forever!

5. I recently purchased some fabulous, swoon worthy Kate Spade Keds. I blame Erin for putting them on the blog last week.

6. I have watched basically every season of The Bachelor. Okay, every season. Feel free to judge. 🙂

7. Every morning I make a to-do list for the day. And yes, I write items I’ve already completed just so I can cross them off!

Jonathan Padgett – Fabulous Husband/Guy Behind The SS Wed Curtain


1. Golfing = my happy place. Tournaments, dog fights, casual rounds with friends – I play them all.

2.  Ocean’s Eleven movies make me want to change careers – who’s in for pulling a heist?

3. My grandmother is 96 and often says inappropriate things. We forgive her because she is 96.

4. I am a big Detriot Lions fan. Panthers come second – “Maybe next year” is my go-to slogan.

5. I proposed in Universal Studios in front of 500 people. With a microphone. On a big screen. We have the video to prove it!

6. For my 30th birthday, I went skydiving…with my 63 year old mom. Erin is a chicken and wouldn’t go.

7. I often get told I look like either Matthew Perry (Chandler on Friends), Doogie Howser or Topher Grace (Eric on That 70’s Show).

Lexie Padgett – Official Greeter/Milk Bone Lover


Now that I have shared our fun facts, I would love to hear yours too! Email your top 3 facts (7 if you are feeling up to it) to and be entered to win a Starbucks Gift Card!! (disclaimer – if you win, you might have to invite me to come with you!!)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


Friday’s Find – New Kicks!

Happy Friday Friends!  Let me start by giving myself a high five for actually posting this on Friday! “High Five – Way to Go Erin!”

Those who know me, know I LOVE my shoes (like overly obsessed/borderline hoarder)!  I am all of 5 feet tall, so I usually wear a heel or wedge to help me out, however, I recently stumbled across a flat shoe that I could not pass up. Truthfully, the husband needed new shoes, and we have a deal that for every pair he buys, I get one too! – Lucky me – he bought 2 pairs! (I also suggest that all wives/girlfriends out there make the same shoe deal with your significant other!)

Maybe I missed the boat when I was younger, but I have never owned a pair of Keds – until now. Just look at the cuteness of these on my feet:


Comfort, style, and RED in color – Win, Win, Win for me!  I love them so much, I want more! I went looking online and I had no clue how many styles there were (nor did I know that Kate Spade & Taylor Swift both had Keds collections!)

I mean seriously, Kate Spade Keds:





And then there’s Taylor Swift Keds:


WF49723_6_700x700 WF49711_2_700x700They even have awesome Men’s shoes:


Here’s the best news of all – THIS WEEK ONLY – GET $10 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING (use code SPRINGFLING)!  You’re welcome!

Check out the full collection here!


Happy Feet Erin







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Friday’s Find – Let’s Save Money!

First off, I must admit to my total failure this week. Here it is Saturday and I am posting my Friday’s Find – shame on me (if we were in person, I would sing you the “I’m sorry, So sorry” song.) My apologies for getting this out a day late, but better late than never I always believe! I am so blessed to have a full calendar, but my little ol’ blog suffers from it.

Example: in the next 3 weeks, I have: 

– 2 weddings

– an engagement party

– a surprise 80th birthday party

– a real estate grand opening

– a bridal show

– a styled photo shoot

(plus somewhere in there is my fabulous stepdad’s AND husband’s birthdays!)

It’s crazy, but my daily Dr. Pepper gets me through! I should seriously be their spokesperson. Anyone with Dr. Pepper connections out there – hook a girl up! 🙂

I am sure all of you are busy like me and maybe, some of you loathe the idea of grocery shopping like I do. In our house, grocery shopping happens once a week – that is my max. I keep an ongoing list on the fridge that Jonathan and I add to, then on shopping day, I grab the list and head out for my weekly run (side note – never go to the store hungry – you WILL buy tons of extra stuff just because your stomach is growling and everything looks tasty!)

While I am not a “crazy coupon lady” – I do like to save a buck every now and then. I am also a big fan of Redbook magazine (How gorgeous are these girls?? Gifts under $50 – I’m there!)

carrie-underwood-redbook-magazine-december-2013-issue_1 drew-barrymore-redbook-magazine-june-2014-cover_1 Jessica-Alba--Redbook-Magazine-2014--04-720x993

Redbook’s selection of online coupons for groceries ROCKS – see for yourself here! Seriously, such a variety all in one place – makes my grocery trips a little bit more enjoyable! Happy Shopping People!


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Friday’s Find – For the Man in Your Life

This past weekend, my husband and I took a little getaway to Greenville, SC – full of front porch sitting, good eats and downtown shopping!  We had only one goal for the trip – find a new bathing suit for Jonathan. We have a couple of beach trips over the summer, and his one and only suit has seen better days – so a new one was necessary!  We walked into Brooks Brothers and of course, leave it to my husband to choose a $75 bathing suit (I don’t even spend $75 on a bathing suit)! However, it is super well made, high-end and good looking – so this one came home with us!


 Find this suit Here!

The store had a limited selection, however, the online shop is full of goodies!  Here are some more of my favs:

MY00055_MULTI brooks-brothers-green-montauk-6-golden-fleecer-solid-swim-trunks-product-1-17004261-0-507874831-normal_large_flex images

(Jellyfish on swim trunks, I can’t decide whether I love or hate them, but I am leaning towards love!)

Find all Brooks Brothers Swim Trunks Here!

Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, fiance, father or brother – they would all love these! Have a great weekend y’all!


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Friday’s Find – Lashes for Days!

It’s Friday – Yippee! Once this gets posted, the husband and I are off for a weekend getaway to a quaint bed & breakfast for a little R&R (and maybe some shopping – who am I kidding? – shopping will definitely be involved). We are the type of people who like to take 3-4 small vacations a year rather than just one big one – gives us multiple breaks to look forward to from the day-to-day routine!  Excited about the 1st trip for the year!

On to this weeks Friday’s Find – all about eyelashes! Big, Bold, Beautiful Eyelashes! I have tried for years to find the best mascara to make my lashes look perfect. You see, I was not blessed with the long, curved luscious lashes that some women are (I envy those women)! About 2 months ago I gave a new mascara a try and I am so glad I did! Let me introduce you to the B.E.S.T mascara out there – L’oreal’s Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara!




Disclaimer – Not my eyes – but look at the difference!  Love, love, love this mascara!  If you want to have fabulous lashes of your own, run out to your local drugstore or Target and buy L’oreal’s Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara!  Your eyelashes will thank me!

Have a great weekend!




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