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Feeding My Flower Obsession

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather! On Sunday, Matt and I worked in our backyard pretty much all day and got some much needed exterior painting done. Still have a ways to go, but it’s coming along. Oh the joys of home ownership 🙂

On Saturday Erin and I had another beautiful wedding! Melanie from New Creations put together the most beautiful floral arrangements to dress up an already gorgeous location, Johnson Carriage House. My favorite piece of the day was a fabulous 20 foot long garland that adorned the head table.


To die for, right?!

Since Saturday I have been thinking about how pretty garland is and it inspired me to look at some other ways to incorporate it into your decor!


For those brides going for a more simplistic look, this baby’s breath is really pretty! This would be so easy to put up, but still looks so sweet!


Instead of garland on the table, why not put it on your chairs?? Love how this adds a simple but special touch!

door frame

Are your guests going to be walking in through a main door to either your ceremony or reception? Why not create a grand entrance?! Agh this is so pretty!

getaway car

This is so gorgeous! If you’re using garland somewhere during your event, move it to your getaway car at the end of the evening for a pretty awesome photo!

Thanks for reading!


Not Your Ordinary Guestbook

Hello there! For anyone living in Charlotte, how tired are you of this gloomy weather?! Makes me want to snuggle up with my puppy and stay inside!

Okay, so I have said this once a million times, and I’ll say it a million more times … I love when a wedding or event includes personal touches throughout to make it your own! We’ve looked at a few ways to do this and today we will look at another – your guestbook! Obviously, you can always get your basic, but beautiful, book to look through years to come. But if you are looking for a more unique option, here are some fun ideas …

State Shaped

I love this state-shaped sign! You could make one out of the state you met in or where you are getting married. Cute, right?!


I love this idea!! Escort cards and guestbook in one! Like the sign says, have your guest find their name and replace it with a picture! Afterwards you could make an awesome collage of all the photos!

Thumb Print Tree

This is too cool! Leave out some stamp pads and let your guests create a pretty piece of art! Guests can stamp their thumb to form a leaf on the tree, then sign their name around their ‘leaf’. Love this!

Slip Us A Note

How fun is this?! Your guests can each leave you personalized note. You could even split them up to read a few on each milestone anniversary!


I think this is such a sweet idea. Have your guests pick out their favorite verse and sign their name by it! What a great thing to read through with your love later on! I’ve also seen this same idea used with a recipe book – cute!

Thanks for reading!


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It’s Honeymoon Time!

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far. Erin and I have been busy working on some fun stuff for the NotWedding Bridal Show that’s happening this week! We have been folding and cutting lots of paper, hot gluing everything in sight, and giving each other lots of ‘good idea’ high fives! However, the highlight of this design process might be sitting on the floor in Walmart for a good 20 minutes picking out wooden letters. Can’t hide class people. 😉

In all seriousness though, we are super excited for Thursday – Check it out HERE and we hope to see some of you there! 🙂

On another note, the husband and I are going to the beach this weekend! We are looking forward to getting out of town for a few days – it’s nice to get away sometimes! When life gets really busy, it’s good to go away and turn everything off. Preparing for our trip got me thinking about all of the creative honeymoon ideas I have seen recently! There are a lot of fun places to go!



Matt and I went to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon, we sat by the pool all day and ate way too much food. It was amazing! Whether it’s an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean or a great hotel at a nearby beach, relaxing in the sun is always nice!


San Francisco


If sitting by the beach isn’t your thing, how about exploring a new city? Go see a Broadway show in New York or ride a trolley in San Francisco with your love!



There’s something so relaxing about the mountains! You can go hiking, visit a winery, or just sit on the porch and read a good book!

Over Seas



How awesome would a trip across the world be? Talk about getting away! I’ve always thought Greece or Paris would be really romantic!

Obviously there are plenty of options for a great trip away! Whether it be a honeymoon or a just trip away – being with the one you love is always the best part! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


A Little State Lovin’ DIY Action

Well hello there! I hope that everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday!

Recently we have been looking at a lot of inspiring things and you know what … I felt inspired! So, today I am going to share a fun DIY project I did recently!

I love writing and receiving hand written notes. I also love North Carolina. Therefore, I decided to combine these two loves!


DIY North Carolina Notecard

Step 1: Print out the shape of North Carolina (or state of your choice) to use a stencil.



1Step 2: Cut out the shape.



Step 3: Pick out a piece of card stock or scrapbook paper to trace the state shape on to.


Step 4: Trace shape and cut it out.


*Note – obviously if you are using a lighter colored piece of paper, then you can print directly onto the paper and skip this tracing step.*

Step 5: Attach to blank notecard (I used double stick tape, but you could use hot glue, a glue stick, or my favorite, glue dots!).


Step 6: Sit back and admire your work.


Step 7: Make your card even sweeter by adding a tiny heart over your city!


There you have it! Such an easy way to add a personal touch to your handwritten notes! 🙂 If you decide to make your own, please share!!

Thanks for reading!


Your [Beautifully Decorated] Walk Down the Aisle!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Matt and I spent the end of last week and weekend in Iowa visiting my grandparents. They live in a really small town surrounded by beautiful farm land. It was refreshing to get away and spend some time unplugged with the people I love! Here’s a few pictures to give you a feel:



Now, back to some wedding inspiration! Recently I have seen some beautiful decorating ideas for the aisle at your ceremony. Depending on the venue, there are so many great options!


Candles and flower petals scream romance to me! Gorgeous!


These wreaths are so pretty! They are so simple, but all together add such a beautiful touch!


I love these lanterns! They look great at this outdoor ceremony, but could also work inside as well!

Log Stoops

How cool are these stoops? They are so simple and easy to add your own unique touch to!

Hearts on Stick

Last but not least – how fun are these hearts?! You know I always love something different – these definitely fit the bill!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! Thanks for reading!


Bouquets For Your Beauties

Hi there everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. We are battling the heat here in Charlotte – I’m already tired of sweating.

A few weeks ago we took a look at some great bridesmaid dress options. There are so many fun ways for your girls to dress, while adding a unique touch to your special day! Along with their dress, what your ladies hold in their hands can be just as beautiful! By now, we know that I love flowers so I wanted to check out some bridesmaid bouquet options, along with some fun, non-flower choices as well!


All White

Nothing says wedding like all white bouquets! So pretty!

Brightly Colored

I love the idea of brightly colored flowers with neutral dresses. What a great way to add a pop!



If your girls are in colorful dresses, you can make a decision to either have coordinating or contrasting bouquets! I personally love the idea of contrasting colors – how pretty are these yellow flowers?!



For all you rustic brides out there – this lavender bunch is so pretty and unique!

Okay – since I know that not everyone is as flower obsessed as I am, there are some fun options for non-flower ‘bouquets’.


How adorable are these pinwheels?


These muffs are so pretty for a winter wedding! Plus, your friends will thank you for keeping their hands warm!

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for reading!


*All images found on Pinterest

Feeling Patriotic

Hey there! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! We ended up going to Raleigh for the weekend and it was glorious. My husband has had to work a lot recently, so having a weekend off to relax with family was so nice. We ate way too much food, enjoyed some fireworks, and even went kayaking down a river!

After this weekend, I was feeling very inspired by all of the patriotic decor I saw. There are so many fun ways to decorate using red, white, and blue. Obviously this works great for the 4th of July, but it can also be used for Labor Day or just a fun summer cook-out!


Beans and Jars

I love these fun jars! This is such a simple way to incorporate some red, white, and blue into your home decor. Love it!

Paper Umbrella Wreath

Okay, I may need to go make this right now. This wreath is so adorable and obviously very patriotic!


I have always loved a good banner. How cute would this be hanging from your mantle? Or your front porch?

Place Setting

How fun is this place setting for a summer cook-out? When you are serving burgers and hot dogs, it’s always nice to keep things casual. That doesn’t mean it can’t be cute though! 😉


Speaking of cute and casual – I love this line up of utensils!

Here’s to hoping you all have many cook-outs to decorate for this summer! I know that these ideas have inspired me to throw one soon!

Thanks for reading!


Vases Galore

Happy Wednesday!! I hope you all have had a great start to this 4 day week! The Mister and I are super indecisive and have yet to make plans for this weekend – I do know that it will involve fun and relaxation though. 🙂

I love having fresh flowers in our home, especially this time of year! They can really brighten up a room and bring a sense of refreshment. I have a stash of your basic clear vases, but have recently been on the lookout for more creative ideas! So, I thought I would take a look at some ideas with you guys. These vases can obviously be used for flowers in your home, but also as centerpieces for an event or wedding!



This would be so pretty as a fall centerpiece. I’m envisioning this on a Thanksgiving table!

Wooden Cube

How cute is this? Rustic, but still very pretty.


I love terrariums! This is amazing as a centerpiece too – so unique!


Surprise, surprise – I love these glitter vases! What a great way to transform some basic cylinders. These would be so pretty during the winter!


I love lanterns and I love flowers – why not combine them?!

Mercury Glass

I’m dying a little over this mercury glass vase! Gorgeous!

I hope you are feeling inspired to add some fresh flowers to your home, maybe using one of these creative vase ideas!

Thanks for reading!



Friday’s Find – Bring On The Sun

Summer is officially here – which means warm weather, cookouts, beach trips or lake living and of course dreaded bathing suit season! All winter long, we complain about it being too cold and how we “can’t wait for summer,” then Summer’s here and we complain about how its too hot and how we “weren’t ready for bikini season!” Clearly – we can’t win!  Luckily, I have compiled some of the cutest bathing suits for the season that will have you running for the pool and the best part – all of them are under $50!!  Click on each caption to be taken directly to the site.

First Up – TARGET!  Disclaimer: If you don’t love Target, we can no longer be friends. Just saying. 

Navy and white stripes – so nautical! 


Peach and Gold Bikini


Paisley one Piece


KOHLS – Keep an eye out for sales and coupons!

Fun Aztec Bikini 


Candie’s Pink


Victoria’s Secret – the Mothership of Bathing Suits

Mix and Match Bandeau Bikini


Mix & Match Flounce Halter Bikini




Ruffled one piece – in my new favorite color – MINT


Hope these have you ready for the beach!!  Have a good weekend!


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{Wedding} – Mary & John

This past weekend I had the pleasure of coordinating the wedding of Mary & John in beautiful Wilmington, NC. Mary is not only a great friend, but she is my cousin also – which just made the whole thing so special!  Their love for one another is so strong and they both radiated pure joy the whole day.  This wedding was full of fun, including a performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and an old Volkswagen beetle for the getaway! I feel honored to have been a part of the process and happy to welcome John to our family!

10505463_10202549949215561_2473272105998991060_n 10446661_10202549951295613_9129336309621252927_n 1526630_10202549953735674_808486653063255314_n 10462903_10202549950775600_3506450724458978734_n 10491282_10202549952895653_4359809432348815721_n 10431437_10202549955215711_4517320424775242780_n 10409634_10202549948375540_3567230385573988210_n 10447724_10202549957455767_8934804403003864565_n 10501765_10202549948335539_7769344725286000296_n 10473070_10202549958735799_4860176438882861360_n 1005551_10202549960015831_6236784008983492935_n 10488116_10202549960575845_787292807886712588_n 10383566_10202549962175885_2221601274922259098_n 10409680_10202549961215861_7492384077745560477_n


Wedding Coordination & Design – Simply Southern Wedding & Event Design

Venue – St Thomas Preservation Hall

Photography – Mackenzie Kern Photography 

Videography – Light Cannon Films

Flowers – Sarah Coe & Olivia Prevatt

Catering – Angie’s Catering

DJ – Nate McCorkle

Linens – L&L Rentals

Cake – Whole Foods

Lighting – High Performance Lighting