The NotWedding

Erin and I had the privilege of participating in the first Charlotte NotWedding this past August. We had so much fun working with some awesome vendors, meeting some new brides and putting our creative energy to work! For those who have not heard of the NotWedding, it is basically a fake wedding/bridal showcase. An already married couple renews their vows while future brides watch in the audience! Then, everyone gets to celebrate at an awesome reception. So. much. fun.

We were responsible for designing the ceremony backdrop and four reception tables. The entire event was featured on the NotWedding blog and Ruffled. Be sure to check those out!

Here are some photos of our designs, taken by 3 super talented photographers – Tyler Lacross, Nicole Caudle, and Caroline Lima. I’ve linked their photos to their websites, make sure you take a look! 🙂


wedding photography, luxury bride


wedding photography, luxury bride





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Gifts, gifts, and more gifts!

Happy Thursday!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Erin and I have a wedding this weekend – should be fabulous! We also had one last weekend, which included an Italian wedding dance, a New Orleans second line band, and tons of fun. I still can’t get over how gorgeous the bride was … celebrity-status pretty!

So, while every wedding is unique in its own way, every wedding also has a lot of the same things. A ceremony, first dance, food and drink, and gifts! People attending your special day love you and want to shower you with gifts. There needs to be a place to put them! Now, you can just put up a table, throw a linen on it, and call it a day OR you can come up with a super awesome designed gift table! There are so many cute ideas!


I love this little carriage! What a fun way to expand on your theme – and a great place for your guests to put cards!

Thank You Sign

This little ‘Thank You’ sign takes this from a basic table, to a super cute one! Also, very appropriate!

Thank You Sign 2

The gift table is a great place to display a ‘thank you’ to all of your guests! Write a sweet note and leave it out for everyone to see!


Um, how adorable is this mailbox?! I also love the string of photos above – so cute!


This trunk is so pretty AND practical! At the end of the evening, you (or your wedding planner ;)) can just shut the trunk and put it in the car!

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Winter Wonderland

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

So, like most people, I like fall. The change in the weather is so refreshing and it’s fun seeing the colors change! But, I LOVE winter. I have a weird thing for jackets and coats, plus Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. Since we are looking ahead to this time of year (what?!), I thought we could look at some beautiful winter wedding gowns today!

Cap Sleeve

These cap sleeves are everything. I love how feminine this is, so pretty!!

Silver Sparkly

I love the silver detailing on this one! Winter definitely provides more opportunity to be fancy. 🙂


This vintage beauty is amazing. Obviously this would be pretty in any season, but I love the long sleeves for winter!

Sparkly long sleeve

Speaking of long sleeves, can we please all take a moment to appreciate this gorgeousness? Love.

Polka Dot

How fun are these sparkly polka dots? It’s fun, while still remaining beautiful.

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