I’m Dreaming of a White Wedding!

Anyone else go into the Christmas spirit and sing along to that title? Maybe it was just me! Either way, I bet you re-read the title and heard the song in your head! You’re welcome for that little jingle 🙂

Those of you who live in the South like me know a “winter storm” basically means one inch of snow on the ground, no school, stores sold out of bread and milk and the whole town shuts down. Any Northerners reading this – don’t laugh – we understand we are crazy, we just aren’t prepared for that kind of weather!

So this happened last week:



And this:


Whomp, Whomp – Bye, Bye Pretty Patio Cover. Watch out hubby, time to go buy new patio furniture!!

Even though we were stuck inside for days, all the pretty snow had me begging for a white winter wedding to plan!  So my creative brain took over and this inspiration board came out:


Gorgeous, right?? I die a little!! Make it known – I am calling all winter brides out there – please hire me so we can work together on planning this beauty of a wedding!

Luckily – this week, temperatures will be in the 60’s – welcome to the South y’all where you will see a 30 degree temperature difference in the same week!


Photos: Brides, One to Wed, My Inspired Wedding, DIY Bride & Aaron Varga Photography