The Woman, The Myth, The “Wedding Ninja”

Seriously y’all – I have typed and erased about 10 different starts to this blog and I still don’t know the right words to say!  So instead of looking for the “right” words, I am just going to let the keys flow.

For those who don’t know me – my name is Erin and I am a 5 foot tall, 95 pound ball of energy. I am a loving wife, a loyal friend, a mother to two fabulous fur-babies, a daughter, a sister, and a new business owner! I overuse exclamation points, I have an out of control shoe obsession and I get sucked into too many reality TV shows to list.

My handsome husband, Jonathan, and I have been married almost 7 years and he is quite possibly my biggest cheerleader – I am sure his friends and co-workers are tired of hearing about my new business.  I mean, how many times can one dude talk with another dude about weddings and they really be interested?? None the less, I adore his support!


See what I mean – HANDSOME!

To help you understand the title of this post, let me set the scene from a recent clients wedding.  The ceremony and reception took place at the gorgeous 3-story, Ballantyne Lodge. After the first floor ceremony and photos were over, the bridal party made their way (by elevator) to their second floor holding room before introductions. I chose to burn the calories and take the stairs and made it into the room before them. A few moments later, enter bridal party and one of the groomsmen looks at me and says “You are already here? You’re like a wedding ninja!” We all had a good laugh the title “wedding ninja” was born.

In my opinion, anytime someone gives you a fun nickname, it is a term of endearment and you have just created a bond. I live for the bonds I create with my clients!! I always stay 2 steps in front of my wedding timeline and I try to take a stealth approach at all my events – it is about THEM, not me.

I am not sure I can put into words the excitement, giddiness, thrill, nerves, and pure joy I feel about this new “baby” of mine. While I have never given birth to an actual baby (God bless the women who do!) I can relate to the anticipation, the planning, the hours of labor and the big reveal of a new baby. So here she is (yes, it’s definitely a she, the pink guarantees it) – my new “baby”, Simply Southern Wedding & Event Design. I hope you will stick around, follow my life and if we have the pleasure of meeting, feel free to call me Ninja!