If you think wedding planners are a privilege only those with an endless wedding budget can afford, think again!

Here are 7 reasons to consider partnering with erin padgett events:

  • Save Time: On average, a wedding takes at least 400 hours to plan from start to finish. With us, your wedding becomes our full time job and we are dedicated to fulfilling all your wants and needs to make sure your wedding day is the memorable and lavish affair you envisioned.
  • Minimize Stress: We become the point person for all vendors involved to organize, schedule and coordinate every detail for you. You can sit back and enjoy the fun details of planning your wedding (cake anyone?) while having the peace of mind that every aspect is being expertly attended to. Your favorite words will become “talk to the wedding planner!”
  • Limited Bookings: In order to give each wedding the full attention it deserves, each planner limits the number of weddings they orchestrate each year and we promise there will never be more than one event on your big day per planner.
  • Wedding Coach: As much as you would like, you can’t be everywhere at once; somebody has to oversee the schedule, theme and budget. We work for you, by your rules, and we are equipped to manage all of your planning and day-of chaos with ease. Our confidence, poise and event management expertise will allow us to be the MVP of your wedding team.
  • Save Money: Not everyone is equipped to negotiate or locate killer, hidden deals among pages of legal jargon. Negotiation is really about compromise – and we aced the course. We will handle all contracts and ensure you get your dream venue or photographer – all within your budget.
  • Crisis-overter: The last thing you need on your big day is worrying about a vendor who’s running late, a stain on your wedding dress or a missing ring bearer pillow – so delegate the disaster to us. We are pros at solving last-minute problems without panicking and you can bet we have a back-up plan in place, just in case.
  • We genuinely love what we do and can’t hide it. Our love for weddings goes far beyond the dress, cake and flowers – it sparks our souls raining creative ideas like confetti and brings us pure joy. Nothing makes us happier than to work alongside you in planning and producing your perfect event!